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Abstract comix in Bremen

By Thomas Perrodin and Yannis La Macchia

from 12th June till 12th July

at Projektraum 404 gallery, 

Bremen, Germany.

Vernissage: 12th June 2015, 7 pm.
Finissage: 12th July 2015, 7 pm.

This exhibition tend to show a narrative approach while using some of the comics codes but with a form far from the classic elements known as characters or text and dialogue.

Those two works, linked, are showing a narrative structure in the exhibition space, emerged from theoretical and conceptual exchanges between the two artists about abstract comics.

On one side, the work of Yannis La Macchia is showing comics pages with abstract volumes and shapes which are under influences of external elements.
Here concepts and entities emerged from a radical comics tools economy.

On the other side, Thomas Perrodin is showing a poster serie done in screenprint within the sequentiality is talking about the printing gesture
and the tiredness/death of the ink used during this process. By this way he's creating a narrative form linked to the time of the printing process.
Same process is also used for the book shown in the exhibition space.